US BLS STEM Jobs Report Highlights Computing

Report highlights the importance of computing in STEM.

Computing employs more workers than any other STEM category

  • In May 2015,  Computer occupations made up nearly 45 percent of STEM employment. [p.2]
  • Seven out of the ten largest STEM occupations were computer related. [pp.3-4]

Computing job growth (12.5%) exceeds STEM growth (10.5%), which in turn exceeds non-STEM growth (5.2%):

  • Employment in computer occupations is projected to increase by 12.5 percent from 2014 to 2024, and due to its large employment size, this growth is expected to result in nearly half a million new jobs, far more than any other STEM group. [p.11]
  • Job openings show the combination of new jobs and jobs expected to result from workers permanently leaving occupations and needing to be replaced. The computer occupational group is projected to yield over 1 million job openings from 2014 to 2024. [p.12]

Not all computing jobs require a bachelor’s degree:

  • Of those STEM occupations that typically require less than a bachelor’s degree for entry, the two fastest growing are web developers (26.6 percent) and computer user support specialists (12.8 percent). [p.15]

View the full report here.

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